Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Conservative Party Membership

A brighter future for Britain.
Let’s unite and level up our country.

For too long, this country had a broken parliament. A parliament that wasn’t working for you.

We had no choice but to hold an election. Because we had to get Britain off the hamster wheel of doom.

And from Workington to Ipswich, Redcar to Delyn, people voted for change. So that’s exactly what this people’s government will deliver.

We got Brexit done on the 31st of January 2020. And now we’re getting on with the people’s priorities.

Giving our NHS the care it needs with £33.9 billion extra in funding, 40 new hospitals, and 50,000 new nurses.

Making our streets safer with 20,000 new police officers.

Getting every child a world-class education, with more funding for every pupil in every school.

And investing in every dale, valley, hedgerow, town, city and region of the country – transforming infrastructure, creating new jobs and delivering new technology.

I’ll never forget that we are only here because millions of people put a cross beside the Conservatives for the first time.

People who voted to remain. People who voted to leave.

People who normally vote Labour. People who normally don’t vote.

So I want you to know: this government will work flat out to repay the trust you placed in us.

Levelling up and uniting our country. That’s the mission of this people’s government.
So let’s build 
a brighter future together.


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