Monday, 18 April 2016

2016 Election Appeal

Fighting and winning elections costs a lot of money. There are surveys, canvassing cards, "Sorry You Were Out" cards, leaflets, literature, letters to postal voters, window posters and much more besides. 

In the UK political parties receive no state funding, and rightfully so. Every penny we spend we must raise locally through voluntary contributions from our supporters. 

The following figures are a rough example of what it costs to fight a local election campaign:
  • £10 will pay for 20 second class stamps
  • £25 will pay for 250 colour calling cards to leave at homes whilst canvassing
  • £50 will pay for 1,000 newsletters
  • £100 will cover the cost of printing and packing letters to postal voters in one ward
  • £200 will pay for one candidate's main election leaflet
  • £500 will cover the cost of the get Out the Vote campaign across the whole Borough
  • £750 will cover the cost of making 30,000 phone calls to remind Conservatives to vote
  • £1,000 will cover the entire cost of fighting an election in a marginal ward
If you can help your local Conservative Association cover the cost of fighting and winning the 2016 local election, and returning our Council to safe Conservative control, please click and donate below. Every penny you give will be used exclusively on winning locally.

Thank you for your support. 

Promoted and distributed electronically by Andrew Kennedy on behalf of the Conservative Party, all c/o West Kent Campaign HQ, Suite 3, Business Centre, Commercial Road, Paddock Wood TN12 6EN.

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