Monday, 7 October 2019

2019 Grand Christmas Fundraiser

Following an amazing Conservative Party Conference in Manchester we are now 15% ahead in the polls and by a majority of over 2:1 people prefer a Conservative government led by Boris Johnson to any of the alternatives. 

But our opponents are running scared. Due to the requirements of the Fixed Term Parliaments Act we have a government held hostage without a majority and an opposition unwilling to call an election for fear of losing. It is a ridiculous situation; damaging to our
democracy and our country and it must be addressed soon.

Locally we are ready! 

Our canvass cards, calling cards, window and garden posters and letterheads are all printed and ready to go. Our first two leaflets have been designed and signed off and are with the printer awaiting the date of the election. 

Our annual Christmas Fundraiser not only offers great prizes but brings in much-needed cash at the end of the year, which we desperately need as we will soon be financing our third general election in four years.

We have some super prizes this year including:

¨ Luxury John Lewis Christmas Hamper (or £400 cash)
¨ Dinner at the Top of the Shard
¨ Afternoon Tea at Hotel du Vin
¨ and many runner-up prizes including Champagne, Wine, Port, Pimms and Gin
(all signed by leading members of the government!)

Tickets are £2 each. Given the circumstances and what we will soon have to face I hope you will be as generous as you can afford. Buying your tickets online could not be simpler, just click below to use your credit/debit card or PayPal. If you would rather make a donation than participating in the draw, there is an option to do that instead.

Thank you for your support.

Andrew Kennedy
Campaign Director

2019 Christmas Fundraiser
How man tickets could you like?

If you would rather not participate,
please consider a donation to the Campaign Appeal instead.

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